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PeaceEight/For wrist α

PeaceEightFor wrist α「It can be worn for a long time because it does not tighten.」
「It can be worn for a long time because it does not get hot.」

Normal supporters can be divided into fixed, fixed or warm insulation types.

All feel stressed for long wearing. Peace Eight has been able to be worn for a long time under the concept of not tightening and not heating.

Wearing it on your wrist will ease your shoulders. Smoothing of blood flow from wrist to neck by giving far infrared vibration to wrist

Is your shoulder a bang in your work always using your wrist?
Recommended for such people. Just put on the wrist makes your shoulders easier.
The blood flow from the wrist to the neck is smoothed by applying graphite silica vibration to the wrist.

For wrist α, use "out last"

For wrist α, use

For wrist α, use

※ Wrist α uses a temperature control material called "out last".
It is a material that makes hot and cold "just right". The old products and materials are different, but they are made with a "do not tighten" knitting method.

PeaceEight/ Wrist α Product Features

PeaceEight/Wrist α Product Features・Just put on the wrist makes your shoulders easier

・It is best for people who are not good at applying pills and pastes even though their shoulders are always painful.

・It can be worn for a long time because it does not tighten.。

・It can be worn for a long time as it does not get hot.

・The material is soft and there is little feeling of tightening, but there is a feeling of fit for it.

・Peace Eight is a stress-free supporter who thought "just right".

PeaceEight/Wrist α For those who have troubles like this・・・

PeaceEight/Wrist α①If you have a lot of work using a PC
②Those who play smartphones and games for a long time
③If you are working on a cash register
④If you have many opportunities to hold a child
⑤Those who feel that their shoulders and arms are heavy recently

■How to use:If the shoulder is uncomfortable, please wear as long as possible.
■Size:Around the wrist: 15 to 27 cm
■How to wash:Please use hand washing or laundry net when washing.
■Durability:It is a standard of use about one year wearing every day.
■Material:Rayon, Cotton, Acrylic, Polyester, Polyurethane, Nylon
■Price:Piece Eight for Wrist α 1 set of 2 JPY 5,800(+TAX)

Usage notes

If itching occurs, stop wearing it once, and when itching disappears, please wear it again.
If you repeat 3 times, you may not feel itching. If you can not stand itching, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
The place where you operated in the past, etc. may temporarily ache.

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