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PeaceEight/For Body

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PeaceEight/PeaceEight/For Body

PeaceEight/PeaceEight/For Body 「It can be worn for a long time because it does not tighten.」
「It can be worn for a long time because it does not get hot.」

Normal supporters can be divided into fixed, fixed or warm insulation types.

All feel stressed for long wearing. It is possible to install for a long time under the concept of not tightening piece 8 and not heating it.。

※ "Small for body" is here

PeaceEight/Product features for body

PeaceEight/For Body・Care is taken from the outside by the shape of a long belly wrap which can cover the lower abdomen from the chest.

・The material is soft and there is little feeling of tightening, but there is a feeling of fit for it.

・It's made thinner so it's less uncomfortable.

・The large dots of graphite silica are non-slip, making it difficult to slip off.

・Have you ever had a corset-type supporter? At that time, did you stop wearing immediately because it was too warm or stuffy? Peace Eight is a stress-free supporter who thought not to get hot.

PeaceEight/For Body To those who have such trouble ...

PeaceEight/For Body ①If you have a sense of discomfort in your stomach
②The one who is close
③If you want to put out a lot
④If you feel discomfort at the waist

■how to use: Attach the printed surface of graphite silica to the inside, the vertical "88" to the back, and the horizontal "888" to the stomach. Because the wastes are crushed by resonance vibration, there are those who do not have immediate effect and those who do not. If there is no immediate effect, use it for a long time.

■size:Waist circumference:60㎝~100㎝
■Color: Orange / Black
■How to wash:Please use hand washing or laundry net when washing.
■durability:Approximately one year of daily use will be a guideline for use.
■Material:Cotton, acrylic, nylon, polyester, polyurethane
■Price:For piece Eight body, (color: black, orange) JPE 8,148(+TAX)

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ho has thought not to get hot.

・The main smaller materials for the body are cotton and silk. It is very soft and gentle. This item is also "unfastened" Commitment, even wearing a long time is not painful.

PeaceEight/For Body S Size To those who have such trouble ...

PeaceEight/For Body S Size ①If you are worried about the night toilet
②If you always feel refreshed
③Person who is easy to get hungry
PeaceEight/For Body S Size ④Those who are likely to lose their physical condition at the turn of the season
⑤If you feel your stomach is cold

■how to use:We recommend wearing it to cover the lower abdomen.
■Size:Waist: 45cm to 75cm
■How to wash:Please use hand washing or laundry net when washing
■durability:Approximately one year is a guide for use when worn daily.
■Material:Cotton, silk,
■Price:PeaceEight/For Body S Size JPE 7,800(+TAX)


Usage notes

If itching occurs, stop wearing it once, and when itching disappears, please wear it again. If you repeat 3 times, you may not feel itching. If you can not stand itching, discontinue use and consult a doctor. The place where you operated in the past may be temporarily aching。