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PeaceEight / For Hand toe 

PeaceEight/ピースエイト手足指間用 PeaceEight/ピースエイト手足指間用

「The pain of the hand, the foot ... It may be the cause of the badness of the tour」

「I have a knife and my hands hurt, so I can not cook」 「As it is a walk, you can always have an octopus and a seaweed on your feet」

Hearing a lot of such stories, "for the fingers and toes" was developed. Please try it once!!

PeaceEight / For Hand toe Product Features

PeaceEight/ピースエイト 手足指間用 商品特徴

PeaceEight / For Hand toe Product Features To those who have such trouble ...

PeaceEight/ピースエイト ボディ用小さめ□When I stood up my toes were floating and not on the ground
□I'm always worried about the smell of my feet
□My hands and feet always feel cold
□Frequently use finger fingers on smartphones and PCs
□When I get up in the morning, I feel an anxious hand

■How to use: Please attach after a long time as possible
■Size: Around the hands and feet 16 to 26 cm
■How to wash: When washing, please use the washing net when using hand washing or washing machine
■Durability: Wearing every day and approximately 1 year will be an indication of use
■Material: rayon, cotton, acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, nylon
■Country of origin: Japan

■Price: Peace 8 for 2 feet for toes JPY 3,800 (+TAX10%)

Usage notes

If itching occurs, stop mounting once, and mount it again when itching is gone。If you repeat 3 times, you may not feel itching. If you can not stand itching, discontinue use and consult a doctor. The place where you operated in the past, etc. may temporarily ache.

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