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PeaceEight/For ankle

PeaceEight/For body S Size

Do you squat with your heels on ?

「It is not just a warm belly band.」

Be careful if you have heels or your butt comes up!
Possibility of hard ankle ...

Calf α uses "Outlast"!

Calf α uses

※ Calf for α, using the "out last" temperature control material.
It is a material that makes hot and cold "just right". The old products and materials are different, but they are made with a "do not tighten" knitting method.

Graphite silica is specially processed on the back for ankles.

※ As it fits moderately by thin processing, it is not stiff even under socks.

PeaceEight/For ankle Product features

PeaceEight//For Body S SizeCan be worn for a long time because it does not get hot.

Doesn't it become stressful if you wear the compression supporter for a long time?

It takes time to take off and wear.

Peace eight is stress free because it is not tightened !

Have you ever had a warmer supporter ?
Did you stop wearing it too soon because it was too warm or stuffy ?
Peace Eight is a stress-free supporter that doesn't get hot.

PeaceEight/For ankle To those who have such trouble ...

PeaceEight/For Body S Size ①If you have discomfort in your waist
②If you have something wrong with your knee
③Move your ankle well in sports
④Ankle jagged when waking up in the morning
⑤Easy to swell

■how to use:We recommend wearing it to cover the lower abdomen.
■How to wash:Please use hand washing or laundry net when washing
■Material:Cotton, silk, polyurethane
■Price:PeaceEight/For Body S Size JPY 4,800(+TAX)


Usage notes

If itching occurs, stop wearing it once, and when itching disappears, please wear it again.
If you repeat 3 times, you may not feel itching. If you can not stand itching, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
The place where you operated in the past, etc. may temporarily ache.

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