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PeaceEight/Meg inner

PeaceEight/Meg inner「Do not tighten ~ It is comfortable to forget that you are wearing」
「A better life with better sleep!」

Peace Eight enables long-time mounting with the concept of not tightening and not heating.

Good sleep just wear! Smooth the flow of blood by giving far-infrared vibration to the whole body!

"I have bad sleep" "I have bad awakening" ... I listen to it often. The quality of sleep is actually very important. Inadequate sleeping time can lead to serious negative factors that are not easily resolved.

PeaceEight/Meg inner Product features

Product features

・Graphite silica adheres to the whole 

・Good stretch and comfortable like gauze

・Wearing feeling does not make you feel wearing

・As it is thin even if it is worn in place of underwear at the time of daytime or bedtime, it does not matter.

・Even men can wear it.

◇How to wear

・Can be worn directly on the skin.
・There is no problem in wearing it from under the underwear.
・We recommend wearing for a long time.
・There is no problem wearing usually

Soft with a large tubular knitting machine, maximum stretch. It spreads evenly because the part of the tube is seamless. And the powdery graphite silica is adhered to the whole with the binder. The action of graphite silica can reach to the side of the side and the base of the leg etc.。

>PeaceEight/Meg inner To those who have such trouble ...

①Sleepiness measures (wakening is not clear)
②Body temperature adjustment is not good (hot light: cold etc.)
③The circulation of the body, circulation of blood may be bad
④After sport-I can not get tired after work
⑤I always take time to sleep

■Directions: If you have trouble sleeping, please wear for as long as possible.
■Size: Shirt / Bust 70cm-120cm; Trousers Bottom / Waist 60cm-120cm
■Washing method: Please use hand washing or washing net when washing
■Material: Cotton, Acrylic, Cupra, Silk, Nylon, Polyurethane
■Price:PeaceEight/Meg inner:VariousJPY 7,500(+TAX)

PeaceEight/Meg inner

Usage notes

If itching occurs, stop wearing it once, and when itching disappears, please wear it again.
If you repeat 3 times, you may not feel itching. If you can not stand itching, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
The place where you operated in the past, etc. may temporarily ache.

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PeaceEight/Product line up

Graphite Silica

Graphite silica is a rare natural ore that can only be mined in Kaminokuni-cho, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido,Japan.
The mysterious silica power is related to human health in various ways!
Scientific name: Graphite silica (also known as silica black, Shin Akashi)

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