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PeaceEight "Meguru"neck/shoulder

PeaceEight/Socks 「Warm up to feet」
「For those who have an uncomfortable feeling on their feet」
「To those who are worried about tightening of socks」


Graphite silica is specially processed from the sole of the foot to the entire instep on the back of the piece Eight.

In addition, because there is no feeling of tightening in a special knitting method, wearing for a long time is not tough!

PeaceEight "Meguru"/neck/shoulder Product Features

PeaceEight "Meguru"/neck/shoulder Product Features

Wears smoothly and immediately warms up your neck

・ Because it is a special knitting method, it has excellent elasticity. Because it is easy to put on and take off, you can always keep your neck warm!

Special processing of "graphite silica" on the entire fabric, recommended to wear a combination of Meguru inner!

・ Same material as under shirts and pants. The combination of neck and shoulder + shirt is particularly perfect! Go through the whole body and warm your whole body!

◇ How to wear

How to wear

・Can be worn directly on the skin.

・There is no problem wearing from underwear.

・We recommend wearing for a long time.

・There is no problem wearing normal

Soft knitting with a large cylindrical knitting machine, maximum elasticity. The tube part is seamless and spreads evenly. And fine powdered graphite silica is adhered to the whole with a binder. The action of graphite silica reaches the sides and the base of legs.

PeaceEight/neck/shoulder To those who have such trouble ...

① I always feel cold
② I feel that my complexion is not good
③ The turn of the season is somewhat unwell
④ Many people are depressed by using smartphone

Be careful if you have two or more


■How to use: If you have trouble sleeping, please wear as long as possible.
■Size: around the neck 25cm-45cm
■Washing method: Please use hand washing or washing net when washing
■Origin: Japan
■Price: Peace Eight Megu-Ryu Inner: Various JPY4,800 (+ Tax)

Precautions for use

If symptoms such as rash, itching or rash occur during or after wearing,
Stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.

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