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PeaceEight/Socks Blck

Newly released sock "Black", which has been highly requested!

No stress even if worn for a long time because it is not tightened!
「For those who have an uncomfortable feeling on their feet」
Ideal for those who walk a lot! You can see the difference in the evening.


PeaceEight/Socks Product features

PeaceEight/Socks ・It can be worn for a long time because it does not tighten.

・Because it is a special knitted fabric, it stretches freely according to the size


・Wouldn't it become stressful if you wear shoes and stockings for a long time?
It also takes time to wear off. There is no stress because the piece Eight is not tightened

・It is a far infrared ray shoe with graphite silica blended on the back side.

PeaceEight/Socks To those who have such trouble ...

PeaceEight/Socks ① Painful legs
② If your feet are always cold
③ If you are concerned about tightening the socks
④ If you are concerned about dark feet
⑤ If you want to sleep in the night with socks

■How to use: Please install for as long as possible for the first week of use.
■Size: 22 cm to 28cm
■How to wash: When washing, please use hand washing or washing net.
■Durability: Wearing every day and approximately one year is a standard of use.
■Material: Cotton, Acrylic, Nylon, Polyurethane
■Price:PeaceEight/Socks (Color:Black)JPY 2,500(+TAX)

Usage precautions

If itching occurs, stop wearing it once, and when itching disappears, please wear it again.
If you repeat 3 times, you may not feel itching. If you can not stand itching, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
The place where you operated in the past, etc. may temporarily ache.

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