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PeaceEight/Graphite Silica tape

Graphite Silica tape

Prevention of injury and relief of pain 、

Far infrared effect !

Peace Eight Graphite Silica Tape is
Graphite silica is blended with elastic material ,,
Taping effect and graphite silica,
Experience speed up with two effects!

・Far-infrared effect of graphite silica on elastic tape

・In any shape, in any size

・Peace Eight to paste! No matter where you put it on

【Recommended pasting method 】

Recommended pasting method

【How to use graphite silica tape 】

Round the corners of the tape (round cut)

■Round the corners of the tape (round cut)
Fold the tape picture cut to the length you want to use in half, and cut the four corners of the tape round.

Trouble when using taping
・It peels off from the edge of the tape
・Fog or itch when using tape

Round cut is effective in preventing the above troubles.

How to peel off the release paper (backing paper)

■How to peel off the release paper (backing paper)

Roll the tape a little and use the other finger to touch the tape surface (cotton material side).
Peel it off by tracing from above. (Left figure)




■Patch test method

Patch test method

【1】 Apply the prepared tape naturally to the inside of the arm (upper arm) or the inside of the thigh.
Prepare a round shape (patch) with a diameter of about 3 cm for the tape to be used.

【2】 Leave it for 48 hours without touching it.
If you have any abnormalities such as rash, redness, itchiness and blistering irritation even before 48 hours, please watch the use immediately.

【3】 Remove the test patch and check for any abnormalities.
※Even if it is judged that there is no abnormality, trouble may occur depending on your physical condition.
Please note that for women, the skin becomes sensitive before and during menstruation.

【Causes of rashes and countermeasures 】

Causes of rashes and countermeasures ■A rash caused by peeling

If the tape is pulled unnecessarily or forcibly peeled off, the surface of the skin (keratin) may be peeled off. Especially for the type with strong adhesiveness (tape designed to fit even in vigorous movement or sweating, how to peel it off is important. Please refer to the figure on the left.

■A rash caused by the time of sticking

If the tape is applied in an extremely stretched state, a part of the skin may be overstressed or deformed, and the skin may become abnormally red depending on the duration of use. If left untreated, blisters may occur. Similar problems may occur if the tape is tightened more than necessary, or if the tape is wrinkled or slackened, causing irritation to the skin.

【PeaceEight Graphite Silica tape Product features 】

PeaceEight/ Graphite Silica tape Product features

■For those who have such problems・・・

①Those who are concerned about fingers and wrists
②How to get stiff and tight
③Those who are worried about the waist
④Those who are worried about bending and stretching the knee
⑤Those with heavy legs
⑥For care during sports
⑦Those who always use patches
⑧Those who have a cold part of the body



■how to use:

1、Before use, wipe off sweat, oils and dirt on your skin and dry it well before use.

2、If you cut the corners of the tape with scissors and stick it, it will not come off easily.

3、Black adhesive may remain on your skin when it is squeezed. Rinse with soap.

■Origin: Japan


■Price:Peace Eight Graphite Silica tape JPY 1,650

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Precautions for use

● Do not use on eczema, rashes, wounds, mucous membranes or soft skin.

● If you have sensitive skin or have a rash, please do a patch test before using.

● Please do not continue to paste in the same place.

● If it does not fit your skin or if itching occurs, remove it immediately.