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When using PeaceEight, we will answer many questions from people who have been worn.

How many hours a day can I get?

We recommend wearing for 24 hours for the first week of use (except for bathing time).
It may take some time to experience it, so it is better to wear it for as long as possible for the first week of use. After that, adjust the usage time while watching the status.

Can you wash with a washing machine?

Wash your hands. Use a laundry net when using a washing machine.
It is better not to use a dryer to maintain the condition of the printing surface.

Pain came out while I was wearing it. Still do I have to wear it?

After wearing, old wounds may hurt. Since it is a positive reaction, remove it once if it hurts, and lengthen the wearing time little by little.

At the time of replacement

It is about one year wearing every day. The effect of graphite silica lasts semipermanently, but it is time to replace it if the material has deteriorated.

Who can not wear?

Please refrain from the next person who falls next.
· People who have sprains, fractures, ligament injuries, or other injuries
・ If there is an abnormality such as a wound, rash, itching or rash at the site to be attached
・ If you are allergic to rubber material

The skin of the part I'm wearing is covered.

If skin problems such as rash, itching or rash occur, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical institution.

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