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PeaceEight / Peace Eight has been published in the magazine!

For PeaceEight / Peace Eight, there will be more and more examples where the desire to experience the effect of Graphite Silica widely will continue. We introduce a part, so please take a look if you have the opportunity.

"Peace Eight" received "Top Product Award"!

We have won the "Original Concept Award" at the topic product award of the 30th Commemorative Hit Product Award / Topic Product Award sponsored by Drag Magazine, Inc. and Yachiyokai, our "Peace Eight". The "Hit Product Award / Topic Product Award" is an award selected by the sales representatives of the "Yachidaikai" wholesale business nationwide and by leading drug stores nationwide.。

第30回記念 ヒット商品賞・話題商品賞」の話題商品賞にて「オリジナルコンセプト賞」を受賞