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Graphite Silica

Graphite silica is a rare natural ore that can only be mined in Kaminokuni-cho, Bandai-gun, Hokkaido. The mysterious silica power is related to human health in various ways.It is "Peace Eight" that you can fully experience this power. Scientific name: Graphite silica (also known as silica black, Shin Akashi)

Graphite SilicaGraphite silica is a rare natural ore that is only mined in Kaminokuni-cho, Emeishan-gun, Hokkaido.
It is thought that natural red ore, which is said to have been produced by the accumulation of silica grass several hundred million years ago, resulted in the containment of far-red power as a result of long exposure to sunlight.

Graphite silica has many natural minerals and has a very good property of emitting 98% of far infrared radiation at normal temperature, and has been used as a healing stone for people since ancient times. At present, attention is focused on the far infrared rays emitted semipermanently, and valuable components such as whiskers, soa matches and fullerenes are also noted.

The excellent properties of graphite silica that exerts stable far-infrared power have been demonstrated in the analysis of various studies. The specially processed graphite silica that emits far-infrared rays and negative ions removes body waste and improves circulation with natural far-infrared energy. (The image is for the wrist α: front and back)

Why did you focus on graphite silica ?

I met graphite silica in 1998. I had my acquaintance take him to the Heisei Kaminokuni Mine and I remember that I felt warm and comfortable in the black mine.At that time, I received several pieces of graphite silica in my pocket and I still keep it at home as a memorial to my encounter.

14 years have passed since then without being related to graphite silica. Because you got old? Because your body is getting tired? I felt that it would be fine if there was graphite silica nearby, and I learned a lot from studying graphite silica.

graphite silica■Existence of nurturing rays essential for the growth of animals and plants
■Presence of fullerenes essential for beauty
■The presence of somacit essential to health
■No other stones with high output of growing rays can be found so far at room temperature
■It is an ore from Hokkaido Japan

The more we know graphite silica, "We want to provide something new from Hokkaido that we do not have in the world" and "We want to provide health and beauty to many people", the more we thought about it, we aimed for commercialization. And "GU Rafite" "SI Rika" arranged the initial letters, "GS Science" was born.

About "graphite silica" and "far infrared"

There are visible rays (visible rays like a rainbow of seven colors) and invisible rays (invisible rays) in sunlight. Far-infrared radiation refers to light with a wavelength of 4 to 1000 μm (micrometers) among invisible light.Far infrared rays are often thought to be emitted from special things, but in fact they are emitted from all substances (plastic, paper, wood, metal, etc.), as well as organisms and plants. Among the far-infrared rays, growing rays are rays with a wavelength of 4 to 14 μm, and are said to be essential to the growth of animals and plants.

Graphite silica and ideal black body (carbon, ceramics etc)

Graphite silica emits ideal far-infrared rays called growing rays and health rays at almost normal temperature of 39.8 ° C, compared with charcoal and ceramics that do not emit far-infrared rays unless they are exposed to temperatures near 100 ° C. Was recognized.

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